Galactic Contacts

September 29, 2010 

                                 HELLO AGAIN!



     We have communicated before and I send the beginning energy we communicated with so you would recognize my energy.

     In the middle of much work for all involved in Light work, it is important to see the beginnings, but also plan for the future. Your first question, of course, is how can you plan for the future when things are so volatile and change is inevitable. When things are changing at lightning speed it is as if a windstorm is swirling in many different directions. The question is, how to weather the storm.

     First, anchor yourself to earth for firmness, the feeling of being grounded. Buffer the conflicts which will arise. Go within to find peace even if it is only momentarily possible. Shut out the negatives and focus on being who you are as an individual.

     Energy communication will become more prevalent as portals open. These, as you know, will not be visible portals, but openings and transfer of energies from higher levels to enter earth. Many will find that this change appears to be affecting them in negative ways. It is not the energies but the capacity of the physical body to assimilate the energies into the body. When it is not a 'happy landing', the individual can feel restless, fatigued and generally not in balance. This imbalance affects others and they in turn spread this irritable, rusty energy to others.

     It is important during trying times to not just react, but to stop and consider how your reactions are affecting those you come in contact with. This can be a mental connection or a physical connection. Irritability is the main thing we notice in comming in contact with our energies. Sometimes it is because a person may feel a lack of control or being able to decide actions independently. We guide and we lead, we are adept at both. At this point, the guidance will be through words and the mental exchange. In the future there will be more physical aspects to address.

     Patience in transferring your life from one pattern to another is difficult. We caution a step by step path though some will have longer steps than others. As these new energies become more evident, it is good to share with others the reactions and adjustments needed. It will not be as difficult as it may appear at the beginning.


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