Galactic Contacts

March 28, 2010 

                                 MEANINGFUL CONVERSATION



     It is certain that time does not exist for there is no time. We wonder at your clocks and your living structure of hours, minutes, and seconds. It is odd to try to fit a thought within a time frame. We cannot transfer a happening in a time frame because we cannot relate to the concept. This is not to say that there is not understanding, but it is not an easy frame of reference. Seasons of time are a more ready reference. We have found that certain seasons of time make it easier to break through the walls that block communication. Perhaps it is that the human form is more relaxed and receptive at certain times of the year.

     When we want to communicate we find it easier at night time for we shine our light as a beacon of welcome. This manner of communication allows for a frame or area to be illuminated and in turn creates a better sounding area. This is not to say we don't communicate in daytime hours as you call it, it is just that the frenzy of action upon seeing us eliminates any chance for meaningful conversation. This is why we are so often perceived as being here and suddenly gone. It is not that we are that far away, we just have quickly moved to a different space.

     We are ever hopeful that we can somehow communicate without the appearance of audiences which prevent us from being seen or heard. We have spoken many times with individuals who have been sworn to secrecy so as to continue to create a particular perception.

      We ask that you open your minds to new things and new ideas. We will not nor would we want to overburden the mind when learning to communicate with a different species. Little by little we would like to speak with a few individuals who have a desire to reach into a new concept on many things. We do not want our communication to just be technical and scientific. These subject areas will demand much explanation at a slow rate and with those who are highly skilled. We also want to reach out to those who have good hearts and good minds that we may learn from one another. We have much to share.

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