Galactic Contacts

March 22, 2010 

                                  LAYING THE GROUNDWORK



     Change is a daily lesson. It can come quickly or it can come slowly. We are used to change in many ways. It is a constant in our lives. The change of communication and location is, however, very different because we are different. We are different in looks and most importantly, we are different in our thought processes.

     Our lives and our daily way of living is different to the extreme. We wonder how we can expect acceptance when we are so different, yet it is time for awareness and communicatiion to begin.

     Be aware, firstly, that we mean no harm. Things that are not known can cause fear. We are very aware that fear can be played on and produced in entertainment. This, unfortunately, produces an idea or belief which, though totally false, is planted as a seed.

     Your knowledge of planets has grown due to advances in technology, yet we see that growth as very slow. We are laying the groundwork for spectacular advances for this time period. Some are new, some have been previously used but lost in time. Our goal is basically not only communication, but closing the gap in knowledge.

     It is not our intent to disturb unless you see awareness as a disturbance. Through communication we want to build a pathway that we both can travel. It is a slow process, but we are beginning it now. Just as some countries were separate from the world and in the modern world, some primitive tribes still exist, we want to add the awareness of our dimension.

     As the earth is changing, we are here to facilitate a balanced turn of events. Helpfulness can make that change easier. Acceptance to some degree must come first. We welcome your interest.

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