Galactic Contacts

March 18, 2010 




     We'd like to talk about colors. Colors not as you see them, but colors as energy beams. The intensity of the colors we use would be too bright for your eyes. They are an integral part of our daily lives. Their uses are too many to list or describe. We would like for you to be aware of them, even without the meaning. The reason for this is to become aware, if not familiar with surrounding color fields. We never take their beauty for granted and we honor the light they shine.

     These bands of light are fast moving to the point that at times they do not seem to move, but instead flash a sudden light. This would perhaps not seem like anything other than a rainbow display, but they have many purposes. Some of these uses are scientific and too difficult except for the very scientific minded. It is best to be aware that they are not directed at anyone for that would be deadly. There are patterns that are soft lights, but carry a large amount of energy. They are, or can be used as pathways, but there must be a balanced approach to use them in this way. These lights are like currents or waves of energy, but they are never used in a negative or destructive way. Thre is not a concern of moving into or in front of them accidentally any more than you would accidentally move towards the sun.

     When you see streaks of colored lights, it is not something to be fearful of, an uncommon reaction because of their beauty. What we would like you to be aware of is that they are codes as well as pathways and can be strong communicative lengths of thought carriers.

     We appreciate and honor the colors that are in our lives. We are somewhat puzzled that it appears on earth, mostly gardeners and artists are the ones who see their value. We would like to spend some time on color awareness.

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