Galactic Contacts

March 18, 2010 

                                  PATTERNS OF THOUGHT



     There are many articles about the earth shifting and many thoughts on the minds of those who are aware of the energies. However, the shift that is also of great importance is the shift in the mind. We all have patterns of thought. We direct our thoughts with more accuracy because we are trained from birth to use our minds with energy before we sound words. As we advance in time, our planetary influence will be felt. We shift our thoughts with constantly flowing bands of energy. These, of course, are not seen, but they can be felt and the feeling is part, but not all, of the communication.

     Speaking with us, it is better to use less words and more thoughts. If you are sensitive enough, you can feel when the thought has been received. This way of communication might be a little unnerving at first, for it takes concentration to receive a returning message.

     Our thoughts are intermingled with influences that are constantly shifting. Galaxies have their own patterns of speaking and thinking, but they are influenced by the changing emphasis of planets. As in an accent of different states, you would know the location or home if you had the chance to hear/sense the different galactic tones. Some of these tones are wordless codes indicating a joining or connection. They are also used as a toning, somewhat like tuning a musical instrument.

     We use our thoughts in so many ways that it is difficult to find a pattern which we can thoroughly understand in words you can relate to as there are no words for some of these tone communcations we take for granted.

     Laying a groundwork of simple connective thoughts will be the best way to try to extend thoughts in such a way that they will lead to further information. In the meantime, you may find it an interesting exercise in communication to try to hear words said with the tones that accompany them.

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