Galactic Contacts

March 08, 2010 

                                  ENERGY SHIFTS 



     Marching along step by step, it may seem as if days are repetitive. This is not so for many who are experiencing energy shifts. Each day is like an adventure that is not clearly known or understood. As earth energy changes come and go, it may seem to have no lasting effect. This is not so, for as the body is feeling the effects of a high energy, the flow of the energy is placed on earth, an anchoring. As the communication shifts and the energy is left behind the body and mind are affected by the experience. This experience can be temporary or it can cause shifts in the necessary body adjustments for good communication. Energy shifts can be more soothing if there is time to rest to incorporate the fine tuning the body must make.

     We view this somewhat difficult adjustment as a minor thing, forgetting the necessary and sometimes inconvenient manner it is received and its effects. We are learning to adjust and fine tune our communicative skills and range in order to make it easier to hear us.

     The earth is very busy at any time, but it is working overtime at this moment in time. There are many adjustments being made and they are having visible effects that are noticeable to all. These more visible effects are becoming a chain of patterns. These patterns, in effect, are causing a ripple effect. This will continue and will become more uncomfortable as more effects are seen. New patterns are being created and, as with anything new, adjustments will have to be made. Some will be easier adjustments than others.

     In these times of turmoil be aware we are aware and reach out to you in understanding.

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