Galactic Contacts

March 04, 2010 

                                  BALANCED INTERACTION 



     Morning is the time when most people on earth start their day. We have no night or day schedules. We live with light. We need sleep, but not as consistently as is necessary for those on earth. Our sleep is somewhat different in that we rest our energies more than we rest our bodies. There is usually an agreed upon quiet time which makes the lesser energies flow more smoothly. This creates a problem of communicating with your energies because there is not only a vast difference in levels and amounts, but the understanding of energies is not there.

     We communicate many times as easily with energies as you do with words. There are times when words actually get in the way of understanding, but we have seen examples of this on earth many times.

     Our interaction with you would have to be short amounts of time at first because the energies would tangle or confuse our ability to function in a communicative way. The patience aspect of humans might be short as we adjusted our wave lengths. This is because we also have to be ever mindful that our energies could cause discomfort to earth physical bodies.

     Pressure to know, to seek a knowing of our civilization would be itnense, but we are interested in there being a balanced two way interchange for the advancement of our understanding of your ways of being. We also want to extend ideas and true concepts of higher dimensions which can be slowly integrated into the understanding of those who are interested. We have many, many avenues of thought to be explored.

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