Galactic Contacts

March 03 , 2010 

                                  COMMUNICATION TECHNIQUES 



     A step by step process usually indicates moving forward, but if we use a ladder and indicate steps, there is a point where we have to stop. This is a symbol of steps of communication. At some point we can commune with all different levels of beings. We are known as communicators. Our skill in this field has been developed over centuries of time. The learning we have gained in our culture has been carefully preserved and passed on as a deliberate teaching, generation after generation. It has then become an ingrained part of our being.

     We treasure understanding and to reach that goal we practice word and thought communication. We know how to shift our energy level to make an extra point in the viewing of our thoughts.

     We can speak naturally, but we find our thoughts become more fine tuned with practice and convey meaning more clearly. You communicate more with others mentally than you realize and use facial patterns of movement to convey meaning. We do not use these methods as they are not necessary. This major difference may prove to be somewhat of a barrier, but we are prepared to change or adapt our thought pattern process.

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