Galactic Contacts

February 23, 2010 

                                  COMMON  GROUND 



     Many times there is discord on earth.  It is a common daily thing.  We watch, at times, in disbelief as to how the energies are tangled and twisted like a cord.  These cords, if translated to mean energy strands, not only cause blockage, but they tear apart any smooth positive energy.  Where is the harmony?  Where are the healing powers of peace?  There appears to be no real concerted effort to co-mingle in a harmonious way.

     To bring people together of like mind is an easy thing, but differing views appear to divide.  How then can different species co-mingle or communicate?  There must be ameeting of the minds, not that of one over-powering the other, but mutual respect.  Our definition of respect is creation of harmony.  It is when there is disharmony, that the threads of communication become frayed.  These frayed edges can have thorn like results that cause wounds that lead to terror.

     Finding a common ground or a common goal or plan is what is needed to establish a
harmonious relationship.  Dominance of one over the other is out of the question and cannot be considered.  It is when dominance enters the environment that peace becomes an impossible goal.

     Each person involved in building a new world of harmony must have a seed of that harmony within themselves.  This must be an honest feeling or desire as falseness cannot be tolerated.  Balance your body, mind and spirit for a new beginning.

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