Galactic Contacts

February 16, 2010 




     Coming soon will be an event that will change lives.  The suddenness of change is difficult to bear.  When this change is tied in with terror there is a ground swelling of negative energy that can encircle the globe.  How does it happen that events can cause fear?  It is the lack of control and not knowing what to do.  It is survival instincts coming to the forefront.

     It is difficult to gauge one's strength in a situation that is new and has no guidelines.  Reactions that have not being known can surprise even the strongest.

     It is like suddenly being thrust into a land unknown with no guidelines.  One must dig down into the deepest inner self and use that inner courage to help not only one's own self, but others.  Instinct for survival will be helpful.  Help those who cannot help themselves.  Be patient with your own shortcomings.  Forgive yourself for mistakes made in moments of panic.  Develop a pattern of momentary mental breaks, moments of going within for solace for yourself.

     Birth of a new world is not easy.  Be comforted and rely upon your faith and courage.

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