Galactic Contacts

February 15, 2010 




       Beginning each week, for people of earth, is like a fresh start.  It is part of your division of time as has been mentioned earlier.  We do not recognize divisions, so we do not have your weekends or new weeks.  Our time flows from season to season.  It is the continuity of life being lived, the flow of or advancing of life.  We live with many interests and can travel extensively so we do not have a concern as to how we spend our days and our nights.  We may be involved in a project or program which extends from the day through the night.  We can adjust our bodies in such a way that the lack of sleep does not affect us as it would you.

     There is not a strict regiment as to the amount of time that is spent on work or play.  We create our own units that work together and we can move to other groups if we choose.  It is more likely that we stay with one group as it speeds up our projects.

     The totality of our being is not measured by what we accomplish.  If an entity decided that time off or time away is needed there is no stigma attached.

     We can see that there might be humorous situations where we would choose to just sit.  At the same time you might wonder why we weren't working.  If we were to say it's sitting time, would you join us or would you feel you should be working?  There are many adjustments that would have to be adapted on both sides.

     We are not a side show for people to come and stare.  We realize that there are major differences and, of course,  appearance and location would be most obvious.  This effort at communication is difficult, but necessary to lay a foundation of communication.

     To look at the totality of what a person is can be a long journey.

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