Galactic Contacts

February 13, 2010 




      Telescopic eyes would reveal much if they existed, but vision varies so much that the concept is unheard of.  We use our vision in many ways.  We do not just look and see, but we train our eyes to react.  This means that certain stimuli triggers a variation in our eyes.  It instantly enlarges or diminishes our capacity to see in different ways.

     We can see distances and we can see inwardly.  These stimuli focus the eye as if it is a camera and a telescope at the same time.  We can bring the image of what we are seeing in for a closer look.  We can also enlarge and calculate dimensions.  This is not a conscious step we take, it is automatic.  It is a needed skill because of fast movement in space.  We must, sometimes, dodge an object quickly and must have instant knowing and calculations.  We do not use these skills to invade another's body as to dimensions, but it is used constantly to bring a person closer.  This also smooths the path for telepathic messages.  By drawing the image of the person in closer, we can transmit thoughts quickly.  

     We can use our eyes as a beam of light.  This light can be used to see inwardly and for extensions of thought.  The powerful eyes can stun if it is a necessity.

    People have encounters with our eyes and feel they are dealing with the person, but it is a separate part of the extension of ourselves.

     It is important not to pry on the workings of the eye as we cannot divulge many of its workings.  The purpose of the outer workings is to allow for more comfort when we meet.

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