Galactic Contacts

February 9, 2010 




      Each day is sectioned into partitions of time.  This sectioning of time makes the calendar.  Our flow of time is, you might say, uneven.  We do not mark time.  We have sleep time, but it is not recorded as a particular marking of time.  We may sleep through what would be called several
days in your world.

     We give our minds time to rest or travel.  Our resting time can be for that purpose alone or we can rest our bodies and let the mind travel.  Our resting time can be for that purpose alone or we can rest our bodies and let the mind travel.  This way, we can recover time travel memories.

     The mind can also be given a rest period.  This intent is to refresh or to clear the mind of tangled or tired thoughts.  As a result, we can begin anew.  The mind is treated as a separate part of us.  We nourish its growth and capacity.  We also can take time to gather information.  This is a difficult concept to describe.  We store information as we sleep travel and we then can retrieve it at any later time as you do with books you read.  We would find it difficult to adjust to a 24 hour cycle.

     Our minds are encyclopedic.  We can retrieve information as you do on your computer.  This does not mean we go around sounding bookish but that there is information there if we need it.

      You might think we were drifting mentally and not paying attention when in our reality we are searching for answers as we talk.  It is important to understand this aspect of our thinking as it might appear that we are disinterested in what is being said.  In our reality, we are simply checking the facts or retrieving information that we do not consciously know at the moment.  We can set a time frame of thought where we come and go.  It would or could be done in the blink of an eye.  Our listening patterns would have to be adjusted to fit in with earth listening patterns.  It might appear we are daydreaming or that we need more sleep.  This thinking can be calibrated or set for different speeds.  This is an inherited or intrinsic  part of our being.  We would need patience on both sides to understand the differences in communication.

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