Galactic Contacts

February 4, 2010 

                                A BRIDGE  



     Altogether we number in the millions as do the people on earth.  Numbers do not matter because grouping, or large numbers, generally disturb people.  We are like tribes, each a separate nation.  For the most part, these nations coexist peacefully.  Sometimes there is conflict and this
leads to serious consequences.  It is disturbing to us as individuals and it is disturbing to the sky environment.  The changes in the atmosphere caused by dissension can be felt and seen for years.  Thus, it is important for us to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.

     When we see the troubles on earth and the problems with earth itself, we are, at this point, powerless to intercede.  It is not that we couldn't, but it is against our code.

     It is our intent that before earth becomes a total mass of problems that something can be changed.  This involves a response to our offer of help through various channels.  Fear appears to stand in the way.  It is a barrier.  It is basically fear of the unknown, fear of helplessness, and fear of differences and power.  We are hoping that an awareness of our being can create a bridge to understanding.  We do not ask that the bridge be walked over, only that there be an awareness that the bridge is there.  At this point we assume this to be Step One.  This bridge can be imagined in the mind so that a comfort zone can be given.  From that change from fear to invitation, a few steps may be taken.

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