Galactic Contacts

January 30, 2010 

                                QUESTIONS  FOR  SCIENTIST  



     Today and tomorrow are so close, side by side.  We reach to you today, we send out emissaries and we slip in and out of dimensions.  Yet we are not visible, not yet.  How can we be around you and not be known?  It is a difference of frequencies.   One runs so much higher than the other that there is a gap that does not allow for visual contact.  We can be all around you and not be seen.

     We have calibrated the energy levels necessary for communication.  We have found that those who have linked with us are interested in being on equal grounds but it is difficult to handle the communication field.  How then are we to connect with earth in a communicative way?

     We have received information that a calm order is a platform needed for contact celebration.  We understand this is further down the road, but we are learning how to communicate in a way not common to us.

     We would like to ask questions of those in the scientific field and are trying to find those who are receptive without thinking there is a need for protection.  Under any circumstance, the differing languages can be frustrating and time consuming.  Thus, we chose the question, answer method to begin.  It is a small step, but it can be a wonderful beginning.

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