Galactic Contacts

January 30, 2010 

                                   UNITS  OF  THOUGHT  



     Divide and conquer, a common phrase.  We do not divide or conquer for it is not our way.  This does not mean that we do not have conflicts that can tear across the sky, or events that have two or more opposite opponents.  It is rare, but it happens.

     In the communication field there is a plan, a form that is generally followed.  There is a firm belief that there must be compatibility.  We do not participate in views or thoughts that divide and conquer.  Our goal is to draw together ideas of companionship and harmony.  With these aids, these fields or foundations, we can then sort through various components of thought.  Each unit of thought is looked at and examined.  The division that might occur because of different views does not happen.  We analyze the components and structures of the thought unit and make a decision based on the merits of each view.  For the most part, it is done with little emotion.  If there is an intensity attached to the process, we break down the components or elements of the emotion until a more even platform of thought can occur.  If the thought decisions are equal, we suggest an entity who will be the 'decider'.  This 'decider' may be anyone chosen.  If there is a wise child, we do not discriminate on age and the child can make the final decision.

     We are wondering how to duplicate our system and yet we see that it would not work well, especially those who have an adversary type of approach.  A middle ground must be reached.  Respect must be at the core of any interaction.

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