Galactic Contacts

January 26, 2010 

                                   TENSIONS  AND  CONFLICTS  



     Peace will come but it will come slowly.  Tensions and conflicts will increase among some countries.  These conflict energies will increase to the point that they will take physical manifestation.  At this time the need for power and the use of power will be used as a sword was used in the past.  This 'sword' will cut and burn and there is no escape for those who are at war with each other.

     It is with a sense of dismay that this inevitable event will occur though there has been progress on peace.  It is important that fear not grow and envelop those who are in a sense, spectators, those who are far enough away to not hear or see but feel the effects of this sword.

     We would advise that a calm or somewhat calm surround your mental faculties.  This, of course, is not easy to accomplish.  Search within yourself for that safe haven you can go to within yourself.  You cannot carry the weight of the world on your shoulders or in your mind.  Seek peace within when there is turmoil outside.

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