Galactic Contacts

January 26, 2010 




    If you are given messages and they seem interesting, what do you do with the information?  Does it give you a new thought or way of thinking or do you have a complacent attitude?  People are comfortable with their cocoons, their safe havens.  To consider other ways of thinking or doing something is an uncomfortable thing.  How then can communication be experienced?  Words exchanged is not communicating, it is simply handling over of a thought, but to contemplate a new idea is totally different, for the emotions are the threads that wrap around the words.

     Some of our ideas may seem shocking because they have never been considered or heard of.  It may cause a physical reaction of uneasiness as it is so foreign and so different.  As we are more aware of you and know you, we do not have the same adjustments to make.  We do not want to frighten or change who you are.  We do want to make bridges of understanding as to who we are and what we want to accomplish.  We will not interfere with your freedom of choice, but to work together for the future, we must meet on some common ground for understanding.  We will not overpower you with our advanced technical knowledge.  Even the most advanced technical mind you have would not be able to grasp all the future use of known and unknown technology.

     We ask you to begin thinking about getting out of your cocoon of thought.  We are interested in knowing you better.

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