Galactic Contacts

January 21, 2010 

                                              PLAY  OF  LIFE 



     Yesterday, today, and tomorrow - those are words that separate and categorize time.  When you take away the categories, what do you have?  You have a continuous thread or path.  There are many allegories that could be used.  Now suppose you could stand in the middle and see forward and backward.  We have mentioned this before.  We bring it up again because it is important to add to the information.  Seeing in both directions has a profound effect on behavior and general outlook.  We see the possibilities as well as the outcome of choices made.  We look to the future and see the results of the way we live our lives now.  It is possible for us to jump back and forth, but we seldom do this.  It is a play of life that has three stages.

     When talking with us, we may speak of a happening or a family event or an earth event and momentarily forget that we are talking about someone or an event that cannot be seen.  You can see that this could cause confusion.  There are laws or boundaries of change.  They are not without restriction, for to remove all boundaries would be chaotic.  Yet, there are constantly changing scenarios.  It is like re-writing a script of a play.

     To advance to that level of change would require more time than available on earth, so we feel it is a good thing to discuss with you the mind outlook and how it affects many things.  It starts with awareness and review.  The details can follow later, but the possibilities can be considered now.

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