Galactic Contacts

January 18, 2010 



    Over time there are so many changes that it is impossible to track the progress being made.  From our viewpoint it is as if time has stood still.  We have felt, at times, that there was such a gap that there would be no possibility in bridging to another dimension.  Still, time in a large, open sense does move forward.
     In order to bridge the chasm that still exists, though it has progressed, we need to reach out to each other.  This is difficult when one's existence is debated as to whether it exists.  We have carefully sent signals, signs to create an opening over many of your years.  The reactions have amazed us.  There has been, at times, complete denial or explanations that have caused laughter.  We are very aware of the need for caution.  Mass panic is not a good field to begin a new communicative field.
     Though we can change form, if necessary, we prefer to express our own original individuality.  As on earth, there will be many who judge by outer appearances.  They will have the most adjusting to do.  There will be others who find appearances incidental and will feel the connection of love we extend.  Whatever the group you in, the time has come to bridge the gap.

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