Galactic Contacts

January 17, 2010 

                                              ELECTRICAL  FIELDS


     Strength is needed in times of unrest.  This is a known fact.  What is unknown is that strength is needed at times when the unrest is not visible.  The body is able to make many adaptable changes, but the method is not always known.  We have periods of turmoil when worlds appear ready to collide.  During that time, the electrical field changes and we adjust our bodies accordingly.  This is not a complicated process, it is simply taking a mental step or making a mental decision to change the field of energy around us and within us.  This allow the harmful effects to be non-existent or so mild it is not a problem.

     Coming soon will be an electrical type disturbance which can fray the nerves of the people of earth.  How then are you to prepare?  First, you try to regulate the breathing to keep the body balanced.  Exhaling of air from the lips will help.  Secondly, do not be disturbed at the unusual sounds you might hear.  Newness frightens some people or makes them uneasy when they cannot identify the source or the cause.  Simply hear it as something new and try not to find a label for it.  Thirdly, let your body shift or throw off the excess energy or electrical field you may be feeling.  Drink a little water - that will help your body to balance.

     There will be many new feelings and occurrences.  Don't let it overwhelm you by trying to understand.  This is not the time for development of intellectual progress.  Observe and catalog to be able to look at your feelings and reactions in detail later.  It is not necessary to have understanding at this point.  Simply stay strong as you experience new things.

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