Galactic Contacts

January 16, 2010 



      People say many things about subjects that have appeared and then disappeared.  You can have a little fact and a little fiction and the result then becomes far from what it should be.  Unfortunately, this mixture becomes a starting point for confusion which leads to dead ends.

     Facts are hard to disseminate, to present in a way that is 
useful in understanding because of the vast differences in beliefs.  Some beliefs we have would take much thinking to uncover the true relationship between the words and the thoughts.  There are firm foundations of thought that we have which are as common to us as your breathing, yet they would be a puzzle to you.  How then is there communication?  Is there a pattern, an expected guideline or rule?  The pattern would be like pieces of a quilt which form the whole making the pattern, yet each piece has its own individual pattern and place.

     So much of our communication pattern is silent, telepathy you call it, yet in that silence there are forms of thought.  These thought forms are carriers of meaning, therefore it is not necessary to use so many words.  It is understandable that a baby's first words are met with delight.  We, instead, listen with our hearts and it is what we feel from the newly born's heart that first speaks to us.  It is the signature of the person that indicates a particular individuality.  From that 'heart message', that first reaching out come thoughts that progress from the heart to the mind and then in maturity join in a common message.  For us to communicate with earth we must shift in many ways.  We change the energy, change the pattern and use our intellect to find words that humans on earth use.  It is like learning a new language.

     You can see that there is a wide gap between patterns, yet there are those who are willing to learn the physical patterns and the mental patterns that make it easier to set up a communication line.  As in any learning of something new, it takes time.  Many do not have the patience needed.  Because we can adjust our patterns of speech and thought transference, the burden of learning falls on us.
Our minds are very quick and work with lightning speed.  We make many adjustments to reach the same communicative field.

     There will be much needed patience on both sides as meanings are translated and deciphered.  An interpreter is a good idea, one who can grasp the entire form of the messages.  Then as things are explained and the language becomes more comfortable, it will allow for a smoother conversation without frustration.

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