Galactic Contacts

January 15, 2010 

                                              TRAVEL  CIRCLES


     Going around in circles seems to be an obvious reference to going nowhere, yet one can travel in circles.  Circles in space could fill volumes of information.  Some of the uses are the same or similar patterns as that used on earth.  We gather in circles for religious ceremonies.  We gather in circles to communicate, again similar to your football games - a chance to plan and to hear directions.

     As we travel, we have a circle of a substance which creates friction.  This friction is caused by the rotation of the circle which allows it to cut or smooth out any field of disturbance in its way.  We are aware of the dangers as well as the pleasures of an ever changing universe.

     In order to travel, we must change our form.  This is a simple thing for us to do.  We are born with this ability which develops as the body matures.  It is important to know that unless you have the same birth heritage you cannot follow on these trips.  As a result, there is a sense of separation that is inevitable.  No amount of desire can change some facts.  However, that does not mean that you cannot journey with us in a different way.  It would take practice and special vehicles as well as loss of visual connection, but it would be possible for you to explore in a different way than is being used at the present time.

     There is a fundamental difference in totality of being.  Knowing that and accepting it will lead to the understanding of each other.  In other words, there are some things and ways of being that cannot be duplicated.  Limiting your range of desire for accomplishment and extension of knowledge will allow more useable information to develop.
We will do our best to help you along.

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