Galactic Contacts

January 12, 2010 



     Soon there will be a disturbance that will be unsettling for many occupiers of earth.  We have alluded to it before.  It is an important step forward in the evolution of man.  It will rattle nerves and cause fear of the unknown to show its face.  This will not last.  It will settle and LIFE WILL CONTINUE.  It is NOT the end of time or the end of the world.  It is the BEGINNING of a new type of living, of being, of seeing, thinking, feeling.

     "Weathering the storm" is a phrase we have heard that seems to fit the situation.  It is having courage and strength to pause, to know there is a clearing, a NEW BEGINNING coming.  Helping each other with mental and emotional support will be an important aspect of adjusting to a new world, a new sense of being.  Allowing yourself room to accept and not holding on to things that you perceive should be a certain way will be a huge step forward.  Have faith in yourself and each other.  Do not panic over change. 

     Planting involves tilling the soil to prepare it for the seed or plant.  The plant can then have room to grow, to spread its roots.

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