Galactic Contacts

January 11, 2010 



      There are many avenues to the stars, but there are many pitfalls in trying to get there.  An ever changing energy field of unknown make up prevents and actually forms a protective field for the stars.  Why then would it be important to discuss these avenues?  It is wasted opportunity when there is learning to be known, new discoveries to be made and it leads to no where.

     To visit among the stars, you have to use a mental carriage.  Though there is not the same ability present on earth, the rudimentary steps can be learned.  It takes discipline to travel and an ability to focus.  This is because there are no steady guidelines.  Even for those areas fixed in space there is so much matter and constant changes that it cannot be easily handled.  The best approach is to have an astronomer guide who is quite familiar with the form or plan needed to make the trip.  One can get lost in the wonder of the stars, yet there are reasons that guided trips would be providential.  The experiences within the star field are awesome in their effect on the entire being.  It is an almost cleansing experience to feel/see the interactions that occur.  These are not accomplished by sound or touch, but by the mind.  It is more of an inner meeting of the minds.  There are startling views and wonders to behold.  It would not be just a pleasure trip as LIGHT VISITS, as they are called.  They can be used to rejuvenate the soul.

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