Galactic Contacts

January 9, 2010 



     One day of activity can include a thousand and one things/activities.  These activities require either mental or physical strength or both.  A day is categorized as the amount of work that has been accomplished.  This not the way of our world.  We do not need to accomplish a specific amount of things.  In fact, it would appear we might have a day of nothingness.  This might include rest or mental exploration.  There is no grading guide as to whether or not an amount of time has been well spent.  We do not have to be involved with others if we choose not to be.

     We have goals if we choose, but our individual paths can include a period of or a state of inactivity you would call doing 'nothing'.  This state is used for many things.  It is used for preparation - putting together in a mentally constructed way.  It is used as a transportation tool, for we can construct a thought formed carriage and use it to proceed to another space.  You would, undoubtedly, not feel comfortable if we chose not to talk or interact and we chose instead to just sit.  Yet it is a part of our lives and our children are taught how to do it.

     When we are constructing and building in our minds, we are creating or moving, that is, transporting.  We simply 'think' ourselves to a different spot.  We can do/be invisible if that is what we choose.  It might be perceived as separation to momentarily leave or proceed on a journey.  It is this aspect that we feel you would have trouble adjusting to for we are there and then here or here and then there.  We can move many distances mentally and be very aware of our destination or be just as comfortable traveling without a compass, so to speak.  We travel light years in our minds and bring back or create thought forms or find new ideas and ways we can create new things and new ideas.  You could not accompany us on these journeys, but you could observe or feel the different state of mind of the traveler.  Respect for that state is a necessary requirement for communication.

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