Galactic Contacts

January 8, 2010 



     A star is a system of light congealed.  It is a community of energies and an ever growing expansion of units of matter.  The history and development of stars is in its infancy.  What you see from earth or even from space vehicles is only a speck in size of the volume that a star is in its full capacity.

     A star appears to be steady when looking at it with an earth view, but it is constantly moving particles within the space it resides.

     There is a two path approach to stars.  One is scientific and one is art or beauty.  The scientific aspect of a star, even the study of just one would take volumes to give the foundation and makeup it encompasses.  It will be a developing history for eons to come.

     The beauty of the stars has been discovered through developing technology. It is a changing light show, a drama play in space.  It is not necessary to see the pictures from space to be attracted to the beauty of the stars.  Generations of individuals of all kinds, of all cultures have worshiped or admired the stars that shine in the sky.

     What is generally not known or experienced is that the light from the stars, the energy, can heal the soul, the spirit.  There is an available connection that can be accessed when looking at the stars with an open mind and an open heart.  Many have experienced this, but it is not usually discussed because it is such a personal experience.  Not only is it personal, but there are no words which adequately describe the connection that can be felt.  This connection is usually momentary, yet the heart is touched.  You would not hear of these experiences because it is an almost private touching of light.  Two different kinds of light - that which is within and that which is without.  There are those who will speak of a yearning, wanting to reach across time and space to be there, to travel to know.  A few will admit to the emotional experience of connecting, of a response that has no words.

       Sending your thought there is like sending a minute particle of yourself heavenward.  It stays and is joined by color, sound and ever changing structure.  That 'particle' is encased or enclosed and surrounded with light.  The two energies have touched and been changed by the interaction.  Reaching upward for a moment or more with sincere intent will allow for inner change as the light from beyond reaches down with love.

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