Galactic Contacts

January 7, 2010 



     To many there is a sequence to life that goes beyond birthday recording or ending.  This is because time is not something recorded on paper.  Time is an entity, so to speak, a self, a thing or so it appears.  What if there is no time?  It just doesn't exist.  How would you categorize your life experience?  Obviously, the child grows, the body changes, but what if this experience happened with no markers, no divisions?

     Time is a changing energy flow, a current.  Riding or following the current as a river flows gives a different picture or image.  It is hard to imagine.  Suppose time could be bent and flexed like a bending board.  One could go up and repeat the pattern.  Now suppose you were at the lower part and the upper part was not visible, yet it would still be there.   And, suppose that on this long bending board you could move in such a way that you could see the past you have traveled as well as the future beyond.  At that viewing moment you would be very aware that time was not chopped into blocks but was flowing like a ribbon of light.  Would you look?  Would you want to know what lies ahead? 

     This facet of time is like a diamond.  It glows brightly.  Talking with those who experience and understand far more than a brief explanation can cover might be an unsettling experience.  It would be like two totally different cultures.  More than likely, it would be conflicting and somewhat disturbing.  We do not observe months, days, years on any calendar.  We have an ever changing view and knowing of space.  The guideline we have is an inborn knowledge of place and position, a certainty of being that does not require beginnings and endings.  It simply is as it happens.  Movement through time and space is a dizzying experience.  There are those who want to learn as much as they can when there is a new frontier of learning to be explored, however, caution is necessary.  It can be very disorienting. It is best to tread a steady path of learning.  When meeting unexplainable concepts it is best to observe and listen, to start with baby steps.  Some portions that seem unexplainable can be learned by osmosis, an internal process.

     New things, new people, new language are overwhelming.  It can lead to misunderstandings when too much is ingested at one time.  So, though there will be a flood of questions, there should not be apprehension or unease when some questions are not answered.


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