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January 5, 2010 

 Adjusting  to  Change


    Coming soon will be devastation, a tearing apart of previous structures of thought and material.  To bring attention to that which needs to be changed it is necessary to re-structure and begin again.  This change can be disturbing to those who are locked into a structured way of thinking.

     Adjusting to change takes strength and courage.  They go hand in hand.  Change can come slowly or it can come quickly.  In the middle of any chaos of thought, there must be a balance point.  This is a place in the mind which anchors the feelings and emotions and allows the body to adjust.  It is a separate mechanism - first the mind, then the body.

     Changing circumstances does not take a concentrated moment and then one returns to a normal state.  The 'normal' has changed which means the former reference is no longer there, so it then becomes obvious that the adjustment is not a one time thing but a revolution of thought.  This is seldom easy.  It is like being in a familiar room and the room stays the same, but everything in the room is different.  That leaves little to make a reference to for stability of thought.  Having a balance point within, a place to go to for solace is an important step.  Support from others is important too, but it is a basic fact that each must follow the inner path alone.

     Adjust your thinking to reach a stable way of being.

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