Galactic Contacts

January 3, 2010 



      In a square is space, a common agreed upon acknowledgment.  This space can increase only if the borders of the square is enlarged.  However, the space within the square can extend upward and remain within the original structure.  The outside 'border' does not change.  As this 'structured space' escapes its confinement, it moves toward that which fits its components.  These components are not visible to the eye, but they are there nevertheless.

     What is it that keeps the space confined or allows it to move upward and outward?  It is force.  The force comes from the surrounding perimeters.  This is, for the most part, a controlled pattern of movement.  Depending on the various components, it is possible to extend 'sections' of this consistency in space.  There is a mathematical formula as a foundation or platform for these building blocks, m2 xy.
Being able to identify the different consistences would allow them to be used in different energy paths.  The construction of these patterned blocks can move mountains, meaning they can match the consistency of something as large as a mountain.

     Platforms of energy allow for foundations to be built.  These large foundations can then be moved effortlessly.  They can be used for protection against uneven and unbalanced energy field.  They are powerful, strengthening blocks.  They can contribute to landing fields or pads in space.  This is very futuristic, but it is possible to be known and with time and patience a prototype could be constructed.  This is assuming that there would be communication at the necessary levels.  It is an advance in thinking to consider possibilities that at the present time are not knowable as far as their creation.  Those who can use thoughts as building blocks can begin to open up new concepts for the future.

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Note: The channeler is not mathematical.  These definitions are for reference.   
                     m2 xy

m2 - Physics -  mass, modulus
      x - Math - the first of a set of unknown quantities, a variable, an abscissa.  (Abscissa is the horizontal Cartesian coordinate on a plane measured from y-axis along a line parallel with the x-axis to point P.)
     y - Math - the second of a set of unknown quantities.

Cartesian coordinates - a pair of numbers that locate a point in a plane by its distance from two, fixed intersecting, usually perpendicular lines in the same plane.
  2.  A triad of numbers which locate a point in space by its distance from three fixed planes that intersect one another at right angles.  x, the abscissa of P    y, the ordinate of P


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