Galactic Contacts

January 2, 2010



     There are circumstances which arise that change events in heaven and on earth.  This is one reason that predictions are so often wrong.  They are unforseen and therefore unpredictable.  When these energies change or collide, the effect is that of a rolling ball with its path unknown.

     Thoughts from earth are sometimes like stumbling blocks.  These thoughts cause disturbances, particularly when there is a major event such as a disaster.  It is the same as if there is a storm in the sky.  It is an interference with peaceful areas and can change, manipulate certain energy flows.  These then must be balanced and corrected.  Why do you need to know this?  Because peace and harmony are powerful tools.  They smooth the atmosphere and harmonize the streams of energy in the lower realms.

     As these energies flow, either smoothly or as in a storm, they multiply and energize other fields of energy, either negatively or positively.  It is an individual contribution that one can make, as minute as it would seem to be, that collectively changes things for the good.  Consider yourself as moderators of change of harmony and of balance.

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