Galactic Contacts

December 30, 2009 

                                         CRYSTALS  AND  STONES


     Crystals and stones are gifts from heaven.  Though of the earth, they incorporate energies that are a mix of the influence of the above and below.  Crystals are healing stones, works of art or transmitters of energy codes of information.  The light from true stones and crystals is larger than life.  This light can be directional and it can be used with misdirected power.  Cleansing is also an aspect of crystals and this is known.  What is not known is the make up of the crystal 'ingredients'.  Crystals can build cities and monuments.  The use of crystals as used in the past has been forgotten with the exception of a few who have good memories.

     When we return to earth certain bits of energy in the form of crystals, we share a link, a communication link.  Once these links have become known and are activated it will create a communication network.  The communication will not only go both ways - up and down, but can be spread as a net.  Within that 'net' or field, thoughts can be left and can be retrieved as you do with answering machines on earth.  This saves traveling by space ship to an area which would take time and space to enter.  When these lines of thought are improved it will be similar to an experience on earth where someone concentrates on another person and that person then turns his head to the source.  Setting up these force fields is not as difficult as it must seem.  Until that knowing, that step has been fulfilled, the next best links are crystals and stones.  They will open up an awareness slowly and carefully.

     Stones are in a different category.  They are the building blocks, the foundations.  These are necessary to inform and to reach within.  They are to be examined separately.  Does this mean everyone should run out and buy rocks, stones, gems, crystals?  No, for it must be only for those who find an affinity or an urge to explore these creations.  There is much beauty and awareness to be found by those who take the time to be in a sense of rapture that they can bring.

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Note:  I saw huge crystals.  They look like mountain peaks.


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