Galactic Contacts

December 29, 2009 

                                              PICK  YOURSELF  UP


     As times change, people change.  Interests that were at the forefront disappear.  The world seems the same to many, but it is evident that it is ever changing.  Fire, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes - these can change areas in minutes.  It is at those times that consciousness becomes focused on life.  When there is drought, water is the subject on everyone's mind, yet the most important changes are not seen.  These changes appear and disappear and are largely unnoticed.

     As the world turns and shifts, many have been dealing with the effects this has had on the body, the emotions and the mind, yet the majority are blissfully unaware of these momentous shifts in direction.  These shifts are necessary, a forerunner of that which is to come.  We are not talking here about doomsday or end of world, but the events that must take place.

     Each time there is a prediction, something seems to block or interfere.  Mostly this is a matter of timing shifts or misunderstood messages.

     When the shift occurs, it is important to realize that it is a change for the better though it may not seem like it at the time.  Unless we are on water, losing one's balance while on earth can be dangerous and hurtful.  Therefore, there is fear or caution when there is imbalance.  It is best to remember that to recover one's balance mentally is the first best step.  Then comes the physical re-alignment.  Staying steady in the midst of change is not always possible.  Therefore, it is necessary that there be a sense of flow of going through or moving to the next step.  There is a line from one of your songs which applies.  "Brush yourself off, pick yourself up, and start all over again."  It is a simple directive steps which would be a good guidance to follow.

Note:  The song is "Pick Yourself Up".

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