Galactic Contacts

December 28, 2009 



     In the middle of space there is more space and space within that space.  Why is this necessary to be known?  It is where the angels dwell.  Space cannot be measured, but there is a format, not necessarily form.  Within an amount of space is that which is unseen - a world within a world.  This world is like a home base, an invisible dwelling place.

     To know of things invisible would seem a wasteful endeavor.  How could one know if it even exists and what is its purpose?  To tune to that space, that knowing, is to find a button of matter.  What this means is the so called 'button' (a word to describe movement and purpose) is a speck of knowing, a speck of 'tuning' which can be pushed with mindful intent.  There the mind can travel and view the heavenly angels.  This is not something that can be done with intent. 
(To see the angels) It is a purposeful event that requires spiritual understanding.   To know of the wonders of the heavens is to better understand the endless complexity of creation.

     The mind is a fast traveler, but it must have a direction to follow.  Trying to reach these unreachable places cannot be done except by the Masters.  Still, it balances the technical and physically challenging knowledge to know there are havens of peace and love.  The sights are wonders to behold for those few who can see.  For others it is a dream to be desired and obtained at some level of existence.  There is peace at knowing of beauty beyond.

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