Galactic Contacts

December 25, 2009 



      Light in its essence is an anomaly.  It is made up of eons of building blocks of energy.  These 'blocks' are amassed in likeness, meaning they collect and maintain light symbols that are similar as in a code.  Think of a strand of pearls, a necklace strung together, each seemingly the same, but each somewhat different.  These blocks of light are guidelines for the stars, a compass type of directional containment of likeness.  These blocks are too far away to be visible at this time and would only be perceived as a slight difference in matter.

     Light beings are born within the structure and range of these areas.  Just as a speck of light can be seen in darkness, so does that speck become a growing entity birth.  These entities are light - light beams.  Their intelligence is different in that they communicate, so to speak, in ranges of sound and energy.  They incorporate their light with strands of matter.  This matter is formed from the minds of like energy.  This is confusing.  Think of it as a small flame of a candle, a birthday candle and this flame, this energy lights a larger candle which emits a larger flame.  It increases in size and becomes a beam of light with force and power.  This beam then creates more light and more energy and expresses itself in form.  This form in turn grows and expands and re-creates itself.  This is why we call them light beings.

     Light beings or forces can be manipulated by wind and weather.  The purpose or outcome is that they interact and that creates a wind song.  This 'song' is a stream of light energy.  The stream can then move to different areas.  The light is then changed because of its location.  Light is power manifested.  It illuminates and increases its magnificent light to shine through the heavens.  It is beauty personified.  Light can guide you through the darkest areas.

(Note:)  Anomaly in astronomy means: a measurement used for any orbiting body, as a planet's angular distance around its orbit from its perihelion, taken as if viewed from the sun.    Perihelion means the point nearest the sun in the orbit of a planet, comet, or man-made satellite.

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