Galactic Contacts

December 24, 2009 

Apollo  Xenia



     There are many earth instruments being used to track movement in space.  Some are known, some are unknown.  The secrecy surrounding this area or subject will be respected.

     There is constant motion in the sky, in the universe and in the earth.  You can see that it would take a major, large instrument or building to monitor even a speck of movement.  We are not discounting the discoveries that have been made of planets and stars.  That is a major beginning which leads to understanding.  It is like opening a window.  Some things may never be known for it it not necessary.  Things will unfold in time.

     Understanding will be limited.  The beauty of what is seen is a major part of discovery.  It is an important link.  Opening your eyes to that which appears commonplace, such as the sky and the stars, will lead to awesome and awe inspiring respect for creation.

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