Galactic Contacts

December 24, 2009 

CONES  Xenia


     Cones of energy are funnels which store and contain.  They move through space unseen but powerful in their state.  They not only function on the inner part of the cone, but the outside, the form, is also a conductor.  These conductors float through space as a boat sails through water.  As they move, they send signals in space.  These signals are emitters of light energy.  They are like strands which go out in ever expanding lengths.  They become part of the universe, part of the building blocks available to many peoples and civilizations unknown.

     As these cones move they emit a sound.  It is not a sound you have on earth and it is difficult to describe.  Perhaps the word tingling would fit.  It is so faint that unless you were very aware, you would not hear or feel it.  Even the masters are wary of its power for it seems, appears to be minute, yet each strand is powerful.

     The combination of the energy and sound is unique.  It is magically balanced.  Magically in the sense that it does not appear to fit.  There is no mathematical equation that equals it, and yet there it is, a miracle.

     How then do we harness or use such an unusual instrument?  It cannot be duplicated on earth though there are those who would try.  It is its own creation for space balancing.

     As we give you information, we caution you in trying to put these beautiful creations of space in some scientific categories.  It is wasted time.  The purpose of inventions of space will be revealed little by little.  It must become aware of itself to re-create itself.  It cannot be done from earth.

     There are many, many wonders unknown to many worlds.  Over time there will be much delight in discovery and use of these creations.  Remember - awareness is the first step.

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