Galactic Contacts

December 23, 2009 



     In the midst of many emotions from the very low to the very high, there are momentous events building.  These are layered as in steps, one stacked on top of another.  As one layer is finished, it appears to disappear, or it is there and moves out of sight.  It is almost as if it has not happened yet each step is an accomplishment on a path of discovery and building.

     Some events can be momentous and yet not known, at least not known on earth.  They will only be known as the various actions have been accomplished in their place and have become part of the piece of the puzzle.  The word puzzle is deliberately used because the picture is not yet formed.

     One must be steadfast in these uneven times.  Earth problems - that of war, finances, emotional imbalances and man's uncaring ways compound into an ever spiraling issue of tangled webs of energy.  There has been an ebb and flow in the last few months of changing energies.  This has meant an up and down charge of energy flows as a swing goes up and down.  The highs are high, very high, and the lows are low, very low.  This will continue for awhile.  As uncomfortable and unsettling as it is for many people, it is necessary to keep the balance of energies.

     Monthly, energy will change.  Some energies will dissipate and some will not only change, but they will increase.  The purpose of this is not yet to be known.

     Concentrate on singular balance.  Don't try to save the world to the exclusion of that single important factor, that of each individual's contribution.  Patience at this point is the key.  Answers will come slowly but will increase in understandable information

     In the near future, small changes will become evident.  Noticing these changes means awareness must come first.

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