Galactic Contacts

December 21, 2009 

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     Millennium ago there was a flat expanse of rocks and dirt.  In amongst the dirt there were crystals of enormous size.  There was little light, yet the crystals grew.  They grew from a small current of energy that flowed in and amongst them.  As this flow remained steady, there was little perceptible change.  The crystals, however, were reacting and interacting with the energy flow and as it did so, the energy became stronger.  This energy became dense and as a result, the properties of the crystals, in tiny flecks, became part of the energy.  Over a long period of time these crystal particles spread and were located in ever widening circles forming a platform or flat surface of crystal energy.  As they increased they began to emit tiny flecks of light.  Moving through space they increased their velocity and began to swirl in ever larger circles.  These circles of energy have never stopped expanding.  These platforms have tremendous power and a source of unending energy.  Bringing the foundations of energy in the same field of space allows an energy which attracts life forms small and large.

     When traveling in space, it is imperative to know and realize that these powerful fields should not be entered without proper mental preparation and balanced energy flow

     Being aware of these fields is the first step in recognizing them.  They will provide energy for the future, a source of crystal light which can be used for travel and in some cases for healing.  This, of course, is not readily understandable.  Just as you have your a,b,c's, we have our electrical energy flows which can be divided as in categories.  When there is communication between the worlds, it will be like new a, b, c's.

(Note: This message took a long, long journey to be able to connect with the proper energy.  I began to be impatient and asked "Is there a message".  This was the reply:
"The message is LOVE".)

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