Galactic Contacts

December 19, 2009 

Lotus  Blossom  Xenia


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     Fortunately, there is space to hold the many creations.  To adjust to the elements one must be willing to withstand body adjustments.  We are not talking about physical bodies though these are affected, but the ethereal body.

     The strength of the ethereal body is based on the balance of the mind and the emotions.  One must separate from the physical in order to fly through the heavens.  As strange as this may sound, people do it nightly as they sleep.  It is the reason so many have what is called sleepless nights.  Practice in awareness makes it somewhat easier to bring back memories and messages.  There is guidance available on many different levels.

     As awareness changes, expansion of the mind grows.  As it expands, it can then contain more memory.  It is this containment that must be carefully preserved.  Building a storage of memory, which is for the most part, subconscious, allows for understanding when unusual circumstances arise.  It is this knowing that allows for new ideas and new inventions.  Eliminating the strangeness of this method of communication is a step forward in stepping into other dimensions.  Once you get used to the steps, you can then walk with more confidence toward further knowledge.

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