Galactic Contacts

December 17, 2009 


     Beginning with a line, you can walk a straight path.  That same line can cut through a forest and make a path.  The line can give a visual direction.  Bend the line with an energy flow and it can pick up speed and gain momentum.  It can spiral or coil, it can stretch and widen.  Anyone in the way of the flow would be carried along its path with dire results.

     In the midst of a coil or spiral of energy, one can maintain a sense of balance, if not the actual steadiness of balance.  Creating a cone is difficult when the mind is distracted.  Concentration is necessary.  Placing one's self within this energy field will allow chaos to subside. 

     We have a beginning and the beginning is birth.  Birth takes labor and it is not always easy.  Being forewarned is being forearmed.  Trust in the inner self to guide you through the storm.

*       *       *

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