Galactic Contacts

December 14, 2009 

Zohar  Xenia


Concerning Issues of the Future

   Stars are bright to earth but they are surrounded by a density field.  It is thick and thins as it moves further away from the star.  The density that surrounds the stars are protective fields containing identification particles.  Unseen energy balls collide with these fields and become a part of the field.  This changes the frequency of the field and causes a disturbance that reverberates in circles/cycles.  Hence creation is always in movement of some vibratory rate.

     These vibratory strands of energy reach out in an exploring way searching for like energy or compatible energy fields.  That is why the density is so thick and very hard to maneuver.  When these cones of light pause and attach, another different energy field is created.  The purpose of these new fields is to give creation a chance to explore and reach other dimensions. It is the joining of these fields which create a foundation for the development of other civilizations.  These may take eons of time, but silently move through space.

     Some knowledge which we will send will seem unimportant or perhaps vague.  This is because there is no easy reference to give.  There may be questioning as to whether it is necessary to know this, for of what use can it be?  There are many scientific principles which are not yet known on earth.  They are not meant to be used on earth.  The knowledge of celestial beings and civilizations will be better understood if some knowledge of the beginning of the foundation is known.  Some information we give you will not be readily understood, but is a primer for future knowledge.  Consider the possibilities even if you are not of a scientific mind.


*       *       *

This was a very difficult journey.  I was surrounded by the thickness and density - it has the feeling of a stretchy material so that no matter where or how you move, you have to push against it.  Though it lasted forty-five minutes by the clock, it was a long, long journey that took careful concentration.


*       *       *

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