Galactic Contacts

December 10, 2009 

Jupiter   Xenia

     Home, this is home, a place in space without walls or borders.  It is undefined and yet it is a special unique space.

     In eons of space the accumulation and development of species was so varied there seemed to be no end.  In fact, some did not succeed in making through more than one or two generations, yet they were important.  Each was part of the whole.  As individual as they were, they were part of a unit or group of beings or creations.

     These creations that appeared to be lost or gone did not leave unnoticed.  They had left their seal, their imprint for others to inherit.  This seal imprint was special though seemingly small and insignificant.  They were implanted energy seeds which, like some earth flowers, fall and are spread by the wind.  Thousands of these seeds were spread throughout several universes.  So you see, though appearing to be lost, they were imprinting for all time.

     As energy levels increase there will be "fallout" - a seeming loss, when, in fact, they have again spread like the seeds of a wild flower.

     In the coming days there will be events small and large which will attract attention.  Some will choose to ignore, some will question, and some will question with intent.  Keeping a steady balance in the midst of these light changes will require a focused intent to be steady in the body as well as the mind.

     Remember that in all things there is light and no matter how small, it is there.  Seek it out and perhaps you may blend and join with it.

*       *       *

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