Galactic Contacts

December 8, 2009 


     Beginning with the letter 'a' as a form, a type of art, a singular imprint of an image.  A small image, yet look at how many times it appears.  It connects and creates and changes the meaning of words by its placement.  So, too, does a person.  As a singular entity, one word can change, one tone of the voice can cure or kill or hurt or encourage.

     The entities are made differently.  We do not wrap our existence around words.  We are energy beings.  Energy is limited on earth in its use though it appears to be advanced.  Energy as we use it is our voice, it is our connection and it is our power.  We must stay in tune as if we were instruments.  Truth be told, we are instruments for we create daily.  We create worlds and beings and plants and other beings.  When you look at this scenario, you can see that we must stay in tune or else our construction would be weak and destructive.  We work hard at harmony, but not work in the sense you use.  Our work is sometimes our play, but we are conscious of the effect that our energy has on others and on our environment which is extensive.  Your earth is a dot in space and yet it is unique in that it has a special place of being.

     (There is so much I would like to learn from you.  Where are you, or what is your location name?)  "XENIA".  We will be communicating at different times so that the increasing energy field will not be affected adversely.

   (Xenia is a Greek word meaning hospitality.)

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