Galactic Contacts

December 6, 2009 


     Coming soon there will be a caldron of conflicting paths.  Like the unwinding of yarn, it will take concentration of the mind and body.  (Is this message for me or for others?)  It will be for those who are on the path of light.

     It is difficult to make choices when there are many obstacles in the way.  Staying steadfast in intent, that of making progress will help.

     You have come to dance with the stars.  The interchange of energy, the tones developed will be like music.  Staying balanced will keep the melody in tune.

     Each person should follow, should listen to the inner voice that speaks in such a quiet tone.  This takes time and patience which many are not willing to do.  Keeping connected in an obvious way, an intended way will allow the sensing of guidance and direction.  Stay focused.

*       *       *

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