Galactic Contacts

December 4, 2009 


     In the event there are multiple happenings at any given moment, it is important to pull inward, momentarily, and connect with the soul.  This may seem impossible, but it matters.  Technique is not important, your intent is where the focus should be.  The momentary distraction will give the mind a chance to change its course of thinking.

     Fear of the unknown can turn into a fear that overwhelms.  A certain detachment, if it can be managed, will assist in balancing the body, the mind, and the spirit. You may feel alone in your turmoil or you can take the turmoil and weave the energy into a protective web.  (Is this web like a geodesic dome or a spider web?)  It is a web like that of a woven material.

     Color protection can help if you are familiar with its use.  Surround yourself with blue light, embroider it with green stripes in a mental pattern.  Any pattern of stripes will work for it is your creation.

     Balance yourself physically so that you have a sense of stability.  This may include posture alignment or stretching in such a way that the body is aware of its function.
                     BE LIGHT.

*       *       *

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