Galactic Contacts

December 3, 2009


Entity # 1

In the beginning there was the void. From that time and space to the present now, there has been much learning. The learning now will increase, not by leaps and bounds, but by years and years. Time will speed up, energy will speed up, things will be in a state of change that it will leave heads spinning.     

Drink water to even out the temperature increase of the energies until your body adjusts. Trust your inner guidance.


Entity # 2

Good evening.

Constancy in some things will change. This will take mental and emotional adjustment. The best approach is to let go or loosen your expectation of things being the same. Look to those changes as discovery, not as an upsetting experience, but as a window of opportunity. Being overwhelmed will only lead to confusion.


 Entity # 3

Good evening.

Listen carefully. (I was told several things about my work.)
When you rest, rest completely. When you work, work completely. Stay calm in the middle of turmoil created by others.

Here is a secret. (Secret to be kept secret or secret which has been unknown 'til now?) Unknown until now. Tie two strings together and they become one. Tie two entities' energies together and they spread and multiply unendingly with combined tones, colors, and abilities. These abilities surrounded by the dual properties become a new expression of an energy beam that cannot be duplicated. The influence of these combinations can be sent to other galaxies where they can be implanted to develop new energy fields. They are carefully nurtured by silent, peaceful surroundings. When these energies have acclimated and been accepted, they change forever the field of energy they have joined. It is somewhat like the creation of music, and does, in fact, bring harmony.

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