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     It is an awesome feeling when you hear from other galaxies.  I have been channeling online weekly for 13 years.  During this time, I learned to recognize many, many different energy beings, spiritual masters and their messages. The first question is probably how do you know the difference from other beings you channel?  This is a little difficult to explain.  It is mostly a different frequency or energy 'path'.  It comes to you as coming from beyond the beyond and you can feel the difference.

     The requirement is to not be judgmental.  Looks may not be the same, the way of speaking can be similar, but somehow not the same.  The feeling that comes with it is different than with human interaction.

     This year I had many unusual experiences.  One of them was meeting an individual I called a "metal person" for her body was metal.  She asked if I was uncomfortable with the way she looked.  I replied "Not at all".  The love and warmth and the beauty of her spirit made the body difference unimportant.

     As you read these messages from other galaxies, try to keep an openness that allows you to learn from these advanced intelligent beings.





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